Welcome to Brown Turbo Consulting
Brown Turbo Consulting specializes in custom turbomachinery design and analysis.  
Complete aeromechanical design services are available.  

Typical design projects include radial compressor and turbine designs for
turbochargers and small gas turbine engines.  The aerodynamic sizing is performed
using 1-D or meanline codes followed by full 3-D CFD optimization.  A full FEA
structural analysis is carried out concurrently with the aerodynamic design.

Similar design and analysis have been performed on axial compressors turbines for
small gas turbine engines.

Comprehensive CFD analysis of existing compressors and turbines is performed
with ADPAC (See
CFD Validation).  Fluent is generally used for pumps.

Brown Turbo maintains a number of customized design and analysis software tools
relying heavily on turbomachinery software developed at NASA-GRC.

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