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Company History

My name is Dan Brown and I founded Brown Turbo Consulting in November, 2004.  For the majority of the projects, I perform
all of the technical work myself, but I also have resources available from a network of highly skilled consultants.


My experience includes over 30 years in the turbomachinery industry.  After graduating from Brown University with a BS in
Mechanical Engineering, I started my career in 1980 at General Electric Aircraft Engine Group in Lynn, MA.  I completed the
Engineering Development Training Program specializing in heat transfer and secondary flow systems.  After five years, I left
GE to obtain a Masters at M.I.T.  I then worked as a performance engineer at Pratt&Whitney for a short time before moving to
San Diego, where I continued performance and heat transfer work on industrial gas turbines at Solar Turbines.  Next, I moved
to Sundstrand where I performed compressor and turbine aerodynamic design for APUs.  After gaining experience in radial
turbomachinery, I went back to Solar to become a Principal Engineer responsible for the performance, aerodynamic design,
and much of the mechanical design on the development of a 300 kW turboalternator.

In 1996, I moved to Lebanon, NH to work at Concepts ETI.  While at Concepts, I was heavily involved in the aerodynamic and
structural design of centrifugal compressors, pumps, and radial inflow turbines.  I gained expertise at Computational Fluid
Dynamics (CFD) using a variety of codes including Fine/Turbo, Fluent, ADPAC, Dawes/PBCFD, GridPro, and Tecplot.  Later at
Concepts, I became more involved in hardware related jobs, managing several component rig test projects and custom
turbocharger design and modifications.

My consulting business for the past
eight years has been primarily involved with compressor and turbine designs for small gas
turbine engines.  My work is
heavily focused on CFD analysis using ADPAC as my primary solver.  Other turbomachinery
projects include extensive pump CFD analysis using Fluent.
 For general CFD analysis, I have utilized OpenFoam.

In recent years, I have been more involved with several structural design and analysis projects.  Most of these projects
required both thermal and stress analysis performed using finite element models.  For this work, I have been modeling
primarily with Femap for a preprocessor.  Femap has good interfacing capability with solid modelers and can export input files
for multiple FEA solvers including Nastran and Calculix.  
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