Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on standard compressor and turbine rotors is
performed using a Calculix (  Calculix is an open source code
capable of performing most turbomachinery FEA including centrifugal stiffening
and modal cyclic symmetry.  Calculix also contains heat transfer and fluid flow
analysis capabilities, so coupled fluid/solid modeling is possible.  

Preprocessing for most analyses is performed using an inhouse interfaces with
the CCGEOM output file.  The models generated are built with quadratic,
20-noded hex elements.  For centrifugal compressors, a typical analysis consists
of a steady stress calculation under rotational loads, only, followed by a blade
natural frequency analysis.  Post processing is performed using Tecplot.  
Campbell and Interference or SAFE diagrams are generated in Excel.  For high
pressure ratio compressors and turbines, a conjugate heat transfer analysis is

Full steady-state and transient heat transfer analysis is available.  For small gas
turbines and turbochargers, it is often useful to perform a 2-D transient analysis
of the entire assembly.  

In addition to Calculix, Femap/Nastran is used for the analysis of
non-axisymmetric components.  Femap is a very useful general preprocessor as
it can generate input files for a variety of solvers (including Calculix and Nastran).
Centrifugal Impeller
Equivalent Stress Contours
Centrifugal Impeller
Blade Mode Shape Plot
Radial Inflow Turbine
Equivalent Stress Contours
Turbine Rotor Thermal Analysis