CFD Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis is performed primarily using the NASA code:
ADPAC.  ADPAC is a general, structured CFD Navier-Stokes solver, which is ideally suited to
turbomachinery cases.  The code is very robust and performs well for transonic flow
conditions, low-speed gas flow, multiple blade rows, etc.  The CFD grid is generated using an
inhouse code that reads the CCGEOM output file.  Post processing is perfomed using Tecplot.

A number of other CFD codes have also been used including Fluent, OpenFoam, Swift, and

Advanced gridding software including GridPro and TCGRID are often utilized.

Many validation cases using ADPAC have been completed (See
CFD Validation).
Example of a two-stage, mixed/centrifugal compressor modeled with ADPAC: